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State-of-the-art wall stabilization

When you choose Smith's Waterproofing LLC, you get state-of-the-art wall stabilization using the latest in carbon fiber technology from Fortress Stabilization Systems.


Contact us for a FREE estimate on using carbon fiber to stabilize the foundation of your home or business. Our repairs are guaranteed for the life of the structure and the warranty is transferable with the property.

Carbon fiber — Stronger than steel

Carbon fiber has been used in the military, aerospace, and high-performance automobile industry for years. Now, increased production has lowered the cost into our range for use on residential and commercial foundations. Smith’s Waterproofing is a certified installer of carbon fiber reinforcements.

Strong enough to support a truck

You can see the amazing strength of carbon fiber at work in the photo of the truck. The truck is a Ford F-350 Extended Cab with a curb weight of over 6,000 lbs. It's parked on 10 cement blocks that are held together with a single Fortress Stabilization Systems carbon fiber strap across the bottom. We can use that kind of holding power to stabilize your property's foundation.

The right solution for a bowing and cracking wall

Smith’s can permanently repair your bowing masonry walls and horizontal / vertical fractures with our carbon fiber straps, eliminating further expanding, shifting, cracking, and bowing. Carbon fiber straps cannot undue damage already done, but it can prevent further damage. The carbon fiber straps will stabilize effectively against lateral loads without costly excavation.

Triple your foundation's strength with carbon fiber

Carbon fiber has a tensile strength that is stronger and more rigid than steel. The straps are comprised of high tensile strength carbon fiber and Kevlar. They have been proven to be the best solution on the market today and they provide innovative solutions for concrete reinforcement.

Advantages of Smith's carbon fiber system

  • Permanent solution for bowed or cracked walls

  • Tensile strength stronger and more rigid than steel

  • Will not rust, stretch, bend or move over time

  • Non obtrusive-lays flat to substrate

  • No costly excavation

wall stabilization truck Carbon Fiber Installed