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Wall cracks and injection system waterproofing

With basement waterproofing needs, an easy concept to grasp is the “3 Cs”:


We’ll be glad to cover aspects of this illustration with you further. For now, take a look at pertinent conditions that Smith’s would apply their expertise to correct. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.





Our methods to remedy conditions would involve the use of a high-pressure polyurethane injection system to repair the crack and eliminate this basement’s water problems. Epoxy injection is another option we may consider depending on the condition.

1) Poly allows some movement in the wall (20% of the original crack size) to prevent new cracks from forming. Epoxy is very rigid — therefore it doesn’t tolerate extended movement well and has the potential to create additional cracks and structural damage.


2) Due to the low viscosity of polyurethane, the high-pressure polyurethane injection system offers superior penetration for hairline crack injection.


3) The use of the high-pressure polyurethane injection system results in a clean repair. In most cases, it’s not even apparent where the repaired crack was located.


4) Poly is odorless, non-toxic, and approved for contact with drinking water.


5) Polyurethane’s ability to bond to wet surfaces is excellent (the property characteristics are so reliable that our injection system is approved for underwater- injection applications) while epoxy’s strong adhesion properties are reduced when used on moist or wet surfaces.

Our waterproofing methods

Why poly works best for most leaking cracks?

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